The Bow Tie Project

My aunt Kay calls me Bow-Titus. 
Because I love bow ties.

They are VERY cool.
The more expensive they are, the better they look.
(I learned that rule from mommy's philosophy about
her extensive Western boot collection . . .)

And sometimes they even have a cool story attached to them (especially if they're passed down to you from someone really interesting.)

So here's me. In my bow ties. 
My collection is growing, and so will this album!

(Send us your favorite bow tie with it's story an I'll feature it here (modeled by me, Titus) on my bow tie page! We'll try to feature one bow tie a week. E-mail us here if you'd like to enter your special tie!)

xoxo Bow-TITUS key lime green tie...
...Yowsa: my hot red pepper tie...

... Jetson's Caribbean blue tie.... very sexy tie...

...purple work tie (for Mom)...

...Lincoln's fourth of July party tie...

...happy birthday to me tie...

...going to eat some sweet salt water taffy tie...

To be continued! Remember, to be a part of the Bow Tie Project e-mail us or send us your tie with a story, I'll feature it here!

All photos taken by Kay Taylor of Sheridan Avenue, copyright Casati Art Studio 2013
and may not be copied or reproduced without our express permission. Thanks y'all!


  1. OMG, it' sooooo cute! what a funny dog! check and get to know some secrets how to tie a tie like a pro!

    1. Thanks bunches, we'll be sure to check out your link, glad you enjoyed my blog!
      Best, Titus

  2. To tell the truth, you just made my day! Your bow tie collection is super amazing! Many thanks for sharing! If this is a to-be continued article, you are welcome to follow this link for some ideas to be implemented in the nearest future!

    1. Great link, I'll get right on that and practice some more :) Thanks for looking at my blog!
      Best, Titus the Teckel