Sunday, August 3, 2014

Sundays are for families!

Sundays at our house are all about togetherness.

(And, apparently about biting Mom's nose...)

Spending time with our family is really important to us.

Learning how to share, and playing in the grass.
Going for long walks, chasing Daddy, picking berries, and digging enormous holes.

Spending time out in Nature: there's so much to discover!

And smelling things in the air, we love that too.

Knowing that just being alive and 
enjoying life is totally over the top!

Remember to think BIG this Sunday, get out and play - and ENJOY LIFE!

See you next week!


Monday, June 9, 2014

Visit to the IX Art Park: Dream Big!

Just recently, I took a little trip with my Boss and Aunt Kay to a really cool new local art project here in Charlottesville.

Amazing, I tell ya!

It's called the IX ART PARK and is located in the IX Warehouse district right in the heart of Downtown.

"The IX Art Park unites historic reuse, urban redevelopment, and greenspace principles to establish a signature multi-use destination in downtown Charlottesville, Virginia. Tucked in a broad green valley only three blocks from Charlottesville's historic downtown mall, the old Frank Ix and Sons silk factory is transforming into a diverse mixed-use community for the Arts. The park features innovative development, arts patronage and environmental stewardship that is not just a benefit to IX residents, but to the entire community. Come dream Charlottesville with us and DREAM BIG."

"IX will also teach career craft skills in metal, wood, concrete, glass, mosaic and tile. Yes, art can have a financial function. Furthermore, the IX Art Park intends to provide semi-permanent artist in residence studios, installation spaces and retail opportunities for the arts. The city needs them. We’re thinking of a microcinema. A black box theater. And a public piazza. There might even be dancing. Do you tango? Or, maybe clog? Step?"

If  you are visiting Charlottesville, you should definitely check it out!

The energy is super-inspiring, and so are the colors!

So much to see already, and they've only just begun!

You know I like to dabble in some art and painting myself, and this is right up my alley.
I look forward to seeing it develop over the next few years. 

Learn more about the project here.
And, as always, remember to



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Thanks to all the folks behind the IX Project! xx

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Charlottesville Albemarle SPCA BOW-WOW-Walk 2014


Yesterday, my buddies Lincoln and Jetson (part of the Sheridan Avenue Boys) met up with me and well over a hundred other dogs to take part in the CASPCA's first annual BOW-WOW-Walk.
It was super successful, with over $42,000 raised. Charlottesville is awesome!

What a blast we had. We got toys, t-shirts and gifts, all in return for just participating and walking 2.5 K with a bunch of other canines. We even got great healthy treats from our friend Pattie at the Animal Connection right before the walk so we had enough energy to go. 2.5 K is a bit longer when your legs are this short!

The turn-out was great! So many dogs!

We were so excited, Mom decided to keep us still by putting us in the stroller.

Hey: Bo-o-ring!

I quickly turned the royal stroller back over to Lincoln, who got to ride in it the whole way.

At 10:00 a.m. sharp they turned us loose: it was so hard to wait that long and we were ready...

What a humongous group of people and dogs: great fun!

They even had a special police officer who stopped the traffic for us: so cool!
I know all about security, there's nothing better than to protect a huge herd of humans!

Off we went.......

Some of us were a little bigger, some smaller. (Look at the loooong legs on that gorgeous guy to the right!)

The walk wound through the back streets downtown and then along the Downtown Mall where we got a water break. Then back to the park for the after-pah-tay.


And so many new friends to meet!

Just look at all those dogs, and they all behaved so well.

 These guys were part of Team WALKING WEENIES.

 Eventually we had to leave. I was sad to leave behind all our new friends, but
we were hot dogs for sure, and super pooped from all the excitement!
Time to pass out, lol.

What a cool day, I hope we'll do it again next year!!!!!!

Ciao for now, I'll be recuperating for a few days, then off to new adventures.

See ya soon!


If you're interested in the Charlottesville Dachshund Meet-up Group, click here.

Thanks to Scheline Crutchfield of CRUTCHFIELD for inviting us to participate on her team of the Walking Weenies! She is really involved in the SPCA and our hat's off to her for that!

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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

My bow tie goes to Hollywood!

Well, I HAD to get in on this action!
My fav bow tie goes to Hollywood.

Here I am at the Oscars with my BFF Ellen and the rest of my posse.
Good times!


Sunday, March 2, 2014

My recipe for natural flea shampoo

Today is all about Spring (I think it's almost here) and running in the field and bunnies and sunshine and...
... oh no: the return of the FLEAS!

Yeah, they itch, they hop, they bite, they give me a rash... I really hate those suckers!

But I live in a house of super healthy health nuts: no GMO's, no grains, no chemicals - nothing bad for you. 
So flea control starts at the root here. And it begins with bath-time for Titus! 

Mom doesn't like to use chemicals on herself or on us flea-taxis. So it's important for us to start flea control as early as possible in the year. That means good organic food, natural garlic supplements (you know: think vampires!) and things like carefully sprinkling Diatomaceous earth (say that five times...) and salt on carpets (that dries out eggs) and lots of vacuuming.  

But today I thought I'd share our recipe for our all natural flea shampoo with you.

Here it is:

You mix all those things, give them a good shake, and then comes my least favorite part: bath time.

While I give my rubber duckie a good work out, Mom scrubs me down from top to bottom for ten minutes with the scrubby brush and a nice helping of my shampoo.
Nope, this doesn't smell good, but that's the point: the fleas hate it!

And when you're done and dry and after you've wrestled with the towel for a little bit, then the flea comb comes and picks out any extra fleas that might be hiding in your hair that haven't jumped ship yet. You'll see: it works! 

There are wonderful natural flea sprays available too, and those smell a little better. They usually have clove, orange and peppermint in them. A great place to find those in C-Ville is this. 

You can also make your own. But be careful: only use the best organic essential oils and sparingly, and always dilute and read up on them first! They can be pretty powerful and not every pet or animal reacts well to them. 

Okay, so go knock'em dead and tell them Titus sent you!

I'm on my way to the tub now!

PS: here is another great link for natural flea control options:

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Saturday, March 1, 2014

jolly jail time

 By now I'm sure you know that I've landed in jail...
Being perfect is very hard.

Jail's not really jail. But it means I have to stay in our workshop. 
Which, I have to admit, is actually kind of a cool place.

We make square things here. For people. And they get really excited about what we make, as if it were 
a big piece of cheese. So I've decided that I'd try to make my folly up to Mommy by helping her out a little.

Here goes: I put on my apron and grabbed some tools and some of those long things that go in a square.
I wasn't allowed to use the big equipment cause you need to use your feet and the paws at the same time, and, eh, I'm a little too height challenged for that. This: I got this!

... ummm ... so you put this here... and this here....

... eehhh... and you put this over here...

Hm. The paws. It's the paws. I'm having some trouble. I wish my uncle Dave was here, he'd help me!

... hmmmmmmmmmmmm...

Em, I think this ain't my thang after all... now what?

Oh goodie (hallelujah): Mom said it's okay and I can go home now! (VICTORY!!!!!!!)

She said I helped out a lot and I was a good boy. (Phew.)

And honestly, jail isn't all that bad. It's full of challenges, but it has it's good points.
 And every day I learn something new. Like: paws and waterproof wood glue: not a good match.



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