Saturday, March 1, 2014

jolly jail time

 By now I'm sure you know that I've landed in jail...
Being perfect is very hard.

Jail's not really jail. But it means I have to stay in our workshop. 
Which, I have to admit, is actually kind of a cool place.

We make square things here. For people. And they get really excited about what we make, as if it were 
a big piece of cheese. So I've decided that I'd try to make my folly up to Mommy by helping her out a little.

Here goes: I put on my apron and grabbed some tools and some of those long things that go in a square.
I wasn't allowed to use the big equipment cause you need to use your feet and the paws at the same time, and, eh, I'm a little too height challenged for that. This: I got this!

... ummm ... so you put this here... and this here....

... eehhh... and you put this over here...

Hm. The paws. It's the paws. I'm having some trouble. I wish my uncle Dave was here, he'd help me!

... hmmmmmmmmmmmm...

Em, I think this ain't my thang after all... now what?

Oh goodie (hallelujah): Mom said it's okay and I can go home now! (VICTORY!!!!!!!)

She said I helped out a lot and I was a good boy. (Phew.)

And honestly, jail isn't all that bad. It's full of challenges, but it has it's good points.
 And every day I learn something new. Like: paws and waterproof wood glue: not a good match.



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