Friday, November 22, 2013

Time for Holiday Bow Ties!

Hooray, it's the season for some new bow ties!

Like my swanky buddy Tom told me earlier this year: a true Southern gentleman always wears a bow tie.
I'll do him proud today I think.

I can't wait for Christmas, I'm so excited, and here are my favorite party ties this year so far.

At the bottom you can find some other stylish men who also favor(ed) bow ties.
They had super-great taste, you might even recognize one or two of them.


The full Monty! Santy!

Sweet Peppermint-Stick Bow Tie.

Sassy Chocolate Santa Bow Tie.

Chocolate Dapple Mint Bow Tie.

And here are those other gentlemen who favor bow ties:

Karl Lagerfeld, one of my fashion icons of course.
Although I'm not sure he always qualifies as a gentleman;)

Churchill. Supposedly he was kinda famous.

Look: Abraham Lincoln wore bow ties! 
(He also was a little before my time.)

Oh, heh, couldn't leave out Harry Styles.
He's kinda more my speed and hey: that's a sweet design he's got on there!

Love the raised brow, might have to practice that look.

Okay, see you next time! 
xoxo TITUS

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