Sunday, July 28, 2013

Project Bow Titus, Part Three: Tom and the yellow bow tie!

Meet Tom!

Well, actually Tom came to meet me at my work this week.

He's a very cheerful special events coordinator 
and he was super-duper stoked to share his favorite yellow bow tie with me! 
(He very kindly helped me put it on.)

Tom says: "A true Southern gentleman ALWAYS wears a bow tie!"

(I noted that in my new book "Titus's Guide for Dapper Dressing".)

What does a "Special Event Coordinator" do, you ask?
Well, I asked Tom the same thing, because I was very intrigued. I am always looking for new careers to peruse, and special events coordinating might just be right up my alley!

 He told me: "If you are having an event, definitely call me because I'll arrange anything from tap dancing nuns arriving at your soiree in a hot air balloon, to live giraffes at your birthday party!" 
Then he gave me a big, hearty laugh.

He's cool, isn't he?

Nice to meet you, Tom, and thanks so much for sharing your favorite bow tie with me!

xoxo TITUS

PS: We should mention that during the day, Tom functions as the much loved Executive Administrator at the 
Village at Gordon House. 
Thanks again Tom!

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