Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy Independence Day!

I might be German, but there are LOTS of things I love about America!
VERY especially hot dogs. And much more of course. Like that there are so many interesting cultures who make up this country. And who welcome those of us who are not form around here.

And I love running free in these beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains where I live. 
Mom says they've been here for a really long time and it's fun to imagine what happened here back then. There is a cool book about where I live (it's called the holler around here). I can't read it but mom and dad like it. It's called The Secrets of the Blue Ridge. It tells you a lot.

So: Happy Independence day and have a really fabulous day of celebrating this great BIG country, eat lots and lots of watermelon and enjoy the fireworks! I'm off to grill some wieners! 

xoxo TITUS

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