Monday, August 26, 2013

I'm a radio star now!

Yeah, that's right: that's me you see in that chair there!
These guys turned the whole studio over to me today. Melted like butter.

Think BIG, right?
Well, that's my motto, that's me!

These are my new friends Pam & Vinnie on Hitkicker 99.7.

They get up SUPER early in the morning and have their own show. 
(Not like me, I like to lounge around in the mornings and eat bacon...)
I think they are really cool. And when we drive to work in the morning, we listen to them.
Pam is very sassy and she wears red boots. That's pretty awesome.
I think she's got a boot fetish just like Mom.
But I think I want to be like Vinnie.

I went to the station today to check out what they do there. They invited me!
They even let me sing into the microphone. 
The headphones were a little big for me, they'll have to get me smaller ones for the next time I come back. I'm gonna sing like Blake one day and then I'll make a record and they'll all want me to autograph my photos with my paw. 

But right now I'm still practicing my yodeling.

Testing, testing... one, two. three... yeeee-haw!

(Yep, sounds good!)
Very cool.

Well, all things have to come to an end and eventually we had to leave so they could get back to work. But not without taking one more cool picture with me.

Here's Mom, on the left, wearing her favorite boots, and Pam with her hot-tamale-boots on the right. An the handsome dude with the badge (in the middle there): 
well, that's me.

I love my Mom, but Pam's pretty great too. I'll hope she'll autograph this photo for me.
(Will ya, Pam??)

Well, that was an exciting day! 
Thanks y'all, I had a super great time!

Now, as we dachshunds like to say:
"Get a-long, little doggie!" 

See you again soon for more fun around C'Ville!!!!!!

Love y'all!
xoxo TITUS

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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Painting today!

This is where I live. I painted it today. Well, with a teensy bit of help... 

Picasso once said this: 
"Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up."
That's pretty deep. Me, I'll always be an artist, cause I never plan to grow up! How 'bout you?

See you soon: Hope you get to go outside and play today!
xoxo TITUS

copyright 2013 Casati Art Studio/Sheridan Avenue Studios, Charlottesville, VA  - images may not be copied or reproduced without our express permission. Thanks y'all!

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Yodeling lesson from Titus!

Sometimes you just gotta let it all out!

Do you know how to yodel?
Well, you should, you know. As a German, I consider it one of life's essential skills.
Want me to teach you?
Okay, just follow along...
But make sure you give it some serious gusto!

This is how to yodel 
Diddly-odel-oh-ee-dee-yodel-oh-dee!!!! Yeah!

Now don't you just feel soooo much better?

Just do it any time:
 car, airport, vegetable isle -- it'll make everyone smile, I guarantee it, you'll be a huge hit!
(And definitely remember to think BIG while you do it.)

So long now, see you next time!

xoxo TITUS

Photos copyright 2013 Casati Art Studio for xoxo TITUS