Who are we?

Ever wonder who we are?

Well, the story goes like this:

One day, my aunt and godmother Kay Taylor of Sheridan Avenue Studios saw my photo on the Facebook page of her vet's, Dr. Bray. She has FIVE doxies herself! Many of you already know them, they are famous and she features them on her own Faceook page.
 Well, she thought I was so cute, she came to meet me in person at La Linea Bella!

That's where I work.

My Mom's an artist at Casati Art Studio and she owns a gallery and a frame shop called La Linea Bella! and I am the head of security and chief style consultant there. That's a really important job.

My Mom also thinks I'm pretty funny, so she started my FB page a while ago.
She can be nutty with the camera too sometimes.

Aunt Kay brought her big camera to the gallery one day and took some REAL pictures of me.
She is a professional photographer at the University of Virginia, and she takes super-awesome pix.

Like this one:

That photo landed me on the Tierisch Exclusiv page (they're the ones who made my awesome collar) and a lifelong friendship between those two ladies was born.  Aunt Kay's a real genius with the camera! She's also really good with animals. 

One day Mommy said: "Kay, you have to have a show at the gallery, you are REALLY REALLY GOOD!
(We think she'll be really famous one day!)

So aunt Kay did. 
For three months! 
It was a huge hit.

Aunt Kay and Mommy started taking more pictures. 
And more... and more...

They are nutty, I tell you! They take me on trips
and then Mommy started this blog. Well, I think I kinda like the blog the best, I can tell the stories that go with my photos.

She and aunt Kay set up whole sets that I star in. They have a funny sense of humor. They laugh a lot when they do this.
They have a studio set up just for me, can you imagine?
And now they've started Project Bow-Titus. And Titus Around Town.
And there's a line of note cards available. And bags. 

And Mom, she always catches me with her camera when I'm upside down or outside running around or playing in the field, etc. Crazy. 

But the artsy shots, those are aunt Kay's. She's magic with the camera and one day she dreams of being a dog photographer full time, she loves it so much!

So, as you can tell, life is all about me around here. I love it!!!

I hope you like our photos, we like to make people smile and we smile a lot ourselves while we're doing it.

Keep visiting and commenting, thanks for "liking" our page you all are awesome and we "like" you a lot too!

xoxo TITUS

and Kay and Beate:)

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