Sunday, September 22, 2013


Yesterday Mommy said: "Hooray, it's time to get out the costumes!"
She's been shopping for weeks now.... and you may remember from last year: she's kinda unstoppable. 
The bad news: she now has aunt Kay to conspire with! 
The good news? 
Aunt Kay brought my buddy Jetson over yesterday, so it actually was a lot of fun!

Okay, ready?
Here goes!

Spider kisses for my BFF!

This is one for my book "The Joy of Wearing Hats, Part Deux."
(Coming out soon! I think I'll have a lot to say after Christmas is over...)

One more for good measure:)

Well, we had fun!
I'll post more of these over the next few weeks on my Facebook Page. 
See ya there, and "Boo!"

xoxo  TITUS

As usual, we thank Kay Taylor of Sheridan Avenue Studios for her wonderful eye!
All photos are copyright of xoxo TITUS / Casati Art Studio and may not be reproduced without our permission Thanks y'all!

Monday, September 16, 2013

Boom: roasted!

Thanks to everyone who came out to eat some weenies with me 
on Saturday at the McIntire Fall Fest!

Aunt Kay, Dad and Mom teamed up to roast weenies in front of La Linea Bella! all day to benefit the Hot Dog Hill Sanctuary (I'm not tall enough to reach the grill, or I'd have flipped a few dogs -- and eaten a few more too!). Hot Dog Hill devotes their time, love and effort to taking in dachshunds (and other doggies) that are elderly or ill or deemed unadoptable due to other health issues. Some only have a few weeks left to live, but Hot Dog Hill believes in giving them the comfortable and dignified last chapter they deserve. If you've ever taken care of an elderly dog, you know how much love, devotion, understanding and patience it requires. There are many people who just cannot handle this stage of a dog's life and that's where Hot Dog Hill steps in. They are a small  organization near Richmond, Virginia and you can find them and their current furry friends on Facebook.

This is my late sister Mausi. She passed away at the age of 19+ last year and I am dedicating this weenie roast to her memory. She was awesome and we miss her very much!

Favorite part of the day?
My friend Zoe came down to the festival. She told her Mom that she wanted to buy her whole family dinner in order to donate the money she had made with her lemonade stand to the dogs at Hot Dog Hill. Isn't that just super-awesome??? I am so impressed.

I managed to raise about $150 with my roast, which is just a little drop in the bucket, but we had such a great time and we hope that you will check out Hot Dog Hill and support their venue as well!

Thanks to the terrific folks at Hot Dog Hill for their devotion and love for all four legged creatures.

If you'd also like to donate to their cause, just click here!

See you soon!

xoxo TITUS