Thursday, July 18, 2013

Project Bow Titus Part Deux: Bill and my favorite orange bow tie.

You know what's the biggest compliment of them all? (And you know I like to think BIG!)
When your really-really cool friends want to borrow your favorite bow tie, that's what!

Meet Bill. As you can tell he's a really snazzy dude. He owns a hair studio and he's one of C-Ville's best hair stylists -- the ladies swarm in from all over Virginia for his magic touch. 
(I might have to let him coiff some of my fluff one day!)
Last week he asked me if he could borrow my awesome orange tie for a special occasion.
What do you think, does he look as fantastic with it as I do? 
(I say: pretty darn tootin' close!)

xoxo TITUS

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