Sunday, June 1, 2014

Charlottesville Albemarle SPCA BOW-WOW-Walk 2014


Yesterday, my buddies Lincoln and Jetson (part of the Sheridan Avenue Boys) met up with me and well over a hundred other dogs to take part in the CASPCA's first annual BOW-WOW-Walk.
It was super successful, with over $42,000 raised. Charlottesville is awesome!

What a blast we had. We got toys, t-shirts and gifts, all in return for just participating and walking 2.5 K with a bunch of other canines. We even got great healthy treats from our friend Pattie at the Animal Connection right before the walk so we had enough energy to go. 2.5 K is a bit longer when your legs are this short!

The turn-out was great! So many dogs!

We were so excited, Mom decided to keep us still by putting us in the stroller.

Hey: Bo-o-ring!

I quickly turned the royal stroller back over to Lincoln, who got to ride in it the whole way.

At 10:00 a.m. sharp they turned us loose: it was so hard to wait that long and we were ready...

What a humongous group of people and dogs: great fun!

They even had a special police officer who stopped the traffic for us: so cool!
I know all about security, there's nothing better than to protect a huge herd of humans!

Off we went.......

Some of us were a little bigger, some smaller. (Look at the loooong legs on that gorgeous guy to the right!)

The walk wound through the back streets downtown and then along the Downtown Mall where we got a water break. Then back to the park for the after-pah-tay.


And so many new friends to meet!

Just look at all those dogs, and they all behaved so well.

 These guys were part of Team WALKING WEENIES.

 Eventually we had to leave. I was sad to leave behind all our new friends, but
we were hot dogs for sure, and super pooped from all the excitement!
Time to pass out, lol.

What a cool day, I hope we'll do it again next year!!!!!!

Ciao for now, I'll be recuperating for a few days, then off to new adventures.

See ya soon!


If you're interested in the Charlottesville Dachshund Meet-up Group, click here.

Thanks to Scheline Crutchfield of CRUTCHFIELD for inviting us to participate on her team of the Walking Weenies! She is really involved in the SPCA and our hat's off to her for that!

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