Sunday, May 31, 2015

2015 CASPCA Bow-WOW-Walk - Thanks!!

We are so impressed!

In Charlottesville, we live in a community that is SO animal friendly and where humans flock instantly to any occasion to support animals in need - we are so lucky, and a GREAT "Thank you!" goes out to this amazing herd of humans (and well-behaved canines!) that gathered on this steamy Saturday for the second annual Bow-WOW-Walk!!

Almost all of our team, "Picture This!", held still just long enough for a celebratory group shot:

Photo courtesy Jeff Monroe.

We thank all of our participants for their generous donations - not pictured are team members, local artists Nancy Bass and Scheline Crutchfield (check out those links for their amazing work!!).

While we waited to register and walk, new friends were made and treats were had.
We munched on a great and generous treat bag donated by our great friend Patty at Animal Connection. She's a health nut like Mom, so everything was grain free and delicious!

Sweet Libby was totally ready for her walk.

My personal walker Zoe, preparing Pandora for the walk, and petting was definitely allowed!

Handsome blue-eyed Samson meets Play-Doh.

He's quite a ham, that Samson.

Pandora needed some snuggle time during the wait. There were a LOT of dogs and (tall) humans there... she was a little tiny bit intimidated, but ended up walking with a lot of gusto.

Me? Well, I was thinking: "WHEN IS THIS SHOW GOING TO START??"

Well, we did take off at 10, and boy, was it fun! 

Awesome tutus! These ladies dressed up for the occasion!

The Weenie Club.

"Are ya coming, Mom??"

It was a super walk, hot and steamy, with plenty of water along the way and dog pools at the end, manned by the great folks from the Charlottesville Fire and Rescue Teams.

We hope you will join us next year for another walk through downtown Charlottesville.

PS: C'Ville: you are awesome, I'm proud to live here!!


Photos by Kay Taylor of Sheridan Avenue Studios, copyright 2015.

See you next year!

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